Monday, May 16, 2011

4 Years 1 Month Logged In

This is such a significant milestone to me, for some reason that I cannot put my finger on. I remember long ago when the first families started reaching this point and now I've reached it, too. Somewhere in China, there will be another little child I will some day call my own.

Today as I drove to church, I reflected on the miracle it took for Jie Jie to become my daughter. I remember the months of trying to lock her file and how I was changed and made better in order to be worthy of being her mother. I remember the deep connection I had to God and how exhausting it was to stay at that spiritual level. I've learned that if one can stay at deep levels of spirituality or have miraculous spiritual experiences often, one builds up endurance and strength.

I was blessed that I never felt the wait (locking Jie Jie's file was a completely different thing altogether). I know that it was and is a very important part of God's plan for me and my girls. Without this wait, I would never have been eligible to adopt Jie Jie. I still am awestruck by the feeling I had in early 2010 that there was an older child waiting for me. I am eager and curious to know what God has in store for me with my next child. For now, I'm most grateful for Jie Jie and thoroughly enjoy watching her blossom.

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Karen said...

You and us are the only ones remaining from our group. Sad.