Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Baby Tooth Gone

It'd been hanging by a thread for four days and today Jie Jie finally pulled it out. She asked for my help a couple of times, but was too afraid that I'd say I'd not pull it out then go ahead and do it anyway. It was a great step in learning to trust me. In the end, she sat facing me on my lap, and as we sat outside on the porch swing, I taught her how to wriggle and twist it and after about an hour it came out without so much as a single drop of blood. The permanent tooth is already growing in.

It struck me again today how she must feel, not fully trusting me and having no one else to rely on. Can you imagine how scary that can be?

I watched the video I took in China of her first time on a slide and play structure and I was amazed to notice how out-of-shape she really was and how much effort it took for her to climb the bars and things. She couldn't even fully sit up on the slide, because she'd never done it before and might not have had the strength. She was full of energy and never stopped moving and now I realize it was excitement, stimulation, nervousness, adrenaline and survival. She hid it well for first three days, but by then I only had to take a look at her feet to see that she was over-doing it. Luckily, I had the Ergo. I use my stroller here all the time. Tonight she was good walking for 2.5 very long blocks before climbing into it.

It's very exciting watching her each day. During our school time, she learned to write the capital letters Y and U. She has trouble with letters that have slanting lines like A, V, X and Y. We've skipped W for now. She loved writing the letter U, though. I'm super glad that I have an almost endless supply of various equipment and ideas. After she covered one part of a large sheet of paper with her name that I'd made first in dashed lines for her to trace, I folded it over and showed her how it shows through and she could trace it again, but she didn't quite get it and it seemed like more effort than she was willing to put out to try and see it. I popped into my sewing room and brought out my portable light table and, Voila!, it was like magic.

I almost forgot to mention that our time on the porch swing brought out another story from her past. I asked her who pulled out her two bottom teeth and she told me that her foster brother (who has dwarfism and is VERY timy) came up behind her and shoved her and she fell into something. She indicated the pole on the porch swing frame, but I've learned that this could mean anything hard. I do know that she said she didn't fall down. The two teeth were knocked out and blood was everywhere, down her front and all over the ground. Her caretaker picked her up gently and laid her down and took good care of her. The same caretaker slapped the little boy on each hand several times and it seemed like on a few other parts of his body, too, perhaps his upper arms and thighs.

I have noticed two scars on her forhead that have had stitches and wonder if she knows how she got them. She said she didn't go to the doctor for the teeth getting knocked out, but I wonder if it's part of the memory or the entire memory and if the other is an entirely different accident.


Karen said...

My daughter still wont let me pull her teeth out for her, and she has never experienced anything bad associated with it. I think for her, it's more that it's HERS and she will be in charge of it.
Nice post.

China Dreams said...

I love it when our son tells us memories of his childhood. Sometimes they get a little muddled, but without anything familiar to remind them, it's amazing what they can recall!

Congratulations on the teeth.