Monday, May 16, 2011

First Sentence in English

It came at the zoo last Saturday. We didn't actually go into the zoo, but played on the little carnival rides at the gate and rode the little train they have. When we got onto the train, my little girl said her first full sentence in English, clear as a bell:

"Mama, take a picture!"

As I typed this, I realized what's so amazing about watching my daughter right now. Imagine the miracle of a newborn baby growing up, learning to roll over, crawl, get teeth, stand, walk, talk, etc...

Now imagine watching development like that take place at warp speed where you can see it occurring every single day. The milestones are a little different, though: learning to speak English, learning the alphabet, mastering the use of a fork and knife, improving physically in strength and other areas, in our case, in foot flexibility (more on that later). There are so many little things that happen that light up my day. Today, at church, I was talking to the bishop and Jie Jie asked to use a piece of paper from a legal pad and the bishop's really nice pen. She then proceeded to "write" on every single line as though writing in cursive, beginning with her name in proper printing that I'd taught her. Afterward, as I carried her out to the car, she began to "read" it in Chinese to me. It seemed to be a letter to her caregiver in China and seemed to be full of happy things.


Anonymous said...

It's so exciting that your Jie Jie is starting to speak in English and interesting that you are starting to understand her language as well. Your story is inspirational and I look forward to your updates on the weekends. In your case the long wait for referral certainly was a blessing as it made all you are experiencing now possible. I enjoy reading your blog and think you are truly a good mother. You must feel like the luckiest woman alive. Best wishes to you and your daughter.

China Dreams said...

Great first sentence. You must have loved hearing your name!