Monday, May 30, 2011

Our First Party

Our first party of the season just happened to fall on our two month Family Day anniversary. A mere two months and I feel like I've always had my daughter. I can't imagine life without her.

She did very well at the party, though, by her bedtime she was telling guests to "Go!" At least she was good-natured about it, and it was quite funny, but I think next time, I'll leave the guests long enough to put her to bed. She stayed up until 11pm then slept until noon today. She did great sharing the yard and joining in the play. She did eat too much and had some cramps, but they didn't last and weren't as bad as she has had them.

She helped me make her first cupcakes, roasted her first marshmallows and ate her first s'mores. She didn't get the mess off her face with her tongue, as she's trying to do in the last picture so I took care of it like a mama cat which had her in peels of laughter. For those of you who don't get it, I licked her face clean! It only took one lick, I've been watching my cats for years so I knew just what to do. LOL!

Our guests were some families from my local single adopt group who all have daughter's from China. Others were friends with and without kids. It was a smaller group that my other parties, which was just right, and we did get some rain, but not enough to put out the fire.

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They look pretty edible to me.