Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sing Me To Sleep

My daughter didn't use these words, but she asked me to sing to her as she snuggled in my bed beside me before falling asleep. Today was one of those days when I could feel myself falling more deeply in love with my child all day long. The more I get to know her and the more she blossoms, the more there is to love and love about her.

She is starting to experiment with melody. I discovered awhile ago that she doesn't know any songs and makes up her own in an almost monotone alto voice. She loves to sing and dance, though, so it didn't really click with me for awhile that she didn't know a single song all the way through. Then, more recently, I realized she couldn't follow a tune. That's all changing now, though. Today I finally heard her experimenting on her own and hitting new sweeter notes and she is trying like crazy to learn the words to Part of This World from The Little Mermaid which we've watched together in Mandarin once. I have the music CD and let her listen to it all the time.

So, tonight, I put the CD on at bedtime and she watched my mouth so closely in order to learn the words and she tried so hard to repeat them. I'm very proud of her and all she is accomplishing lately.


Anonymous said...

She is so cute. I look forward to watching her grow and learn


China Dreams said...

It is such an exciting discovery when you adopt an older child. Every new glimpse into their personalities is precious.

Great first tune to master, too.