Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bottom Line - They Want More Money

Thank you all for your support and suggestions. I'm so grateful to have all of you in my corner.

This is the bottom line: Kaiser wants to know how much to charge me for my plan by finding out how much my daughter is going to cost them in healthcare. The man actually said, "This is a profit - cost ratio business." They can't deny my daughter healthcare, but they can make it prohibitively expensive. I just tried Blue Shield and their very rough estimate is over $700 a month for a policy until my daughter is no longer under a doctor's care for at least 6 months. They also want past medical records. But, the woman was more honest and up front, I hope, and didn't hesitate to tell me that I'm going to be paying a lot.

Health care is NOT a business, it's a necessity. Why have we tolerated this? Why did so many fight President Obama when he tried to help us?

Had the Kaiser personel I spoke with before going to China, and some after returning, known their job like a true professional, and had given me accurate information, this could have all been avoided!

Oh, and there is a 20% surcharge on the policy through Blue Shield that goes to good old Uncle Sam... Is this to pay for all the immigrants, legal or not, who get healthcare for free? How about the drunks or druggies who have no where to go but emergency rooms. I'm feeling really ugly here right now. I work until I'm about to drop and instead of getting ahead or even breaking even, I'm drowning due to the stupidity and negligence of those is charge.


Karen said...

GEEZ! So glad we don't have Kaiser. My mom retired from Kaiser, and my brother and his wife are self employed and pay $1,000 a month for their plan. YUCK. We pay around $300 a month and I thought that was steep. But then I was spoiled when I worked at ATT because it was completely free for our family to have health insurance....those were the days.
Still, Im glad I don't have Kaiser. When we bring home our NSN child, who knows if she will need to be seen by a DR right away or not. I certainly am not waiting 6 months of well baby visits to utilize it.
Sorry about your troubles...and I definitely agree about the liberal side of California. Im a middle of the roader, but when illegals can get financial aid to go to school here as "residents" and yet, sons and daughters of our military personnel who are stationed in California (but do not reside here technically) have to pay OUT OF STATE tuition...Or when there are anchor babies born here, to get public education and public health for free, yet so many people have no health insurance in the working poor, there's an imbalance that is completely unfair. Yet when someone says something they are considered prejudice....I never did get that.

China Dreams said...

Are you aware of the Healthy Families program? it looks like our NH Healthy Kids. Here is the link:

The monthly income range for a family of two for a child 1-5 to qualify is this: $1,632 - $3,065. There are three variations of the plan and the premiums can be as big as what you're facing but can also be half that.


China Dreams said...

P.S. You still might want to move to NH, where you can pay about 10% of the California rates for the same type of program with NH Healthy Kids-it is only for kids. For other programs (meaning, if you have higher income, work for someone who insures) I think we pay much higher rates than CA residents.


K said...

I know that somewhere along the line, I think the original I600A, I had to sign a paper stating that my adopted child would not be eligible for any government assistance for three years from the time of adoption. Do you remember this document?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear you are having so much trouble getting coverag for your daughter. Not to sure how it works in CA, but here in FL, I had Kate under Florida Healthy Kids program. She got really good care and our monthly premium was based on my salary. Initially it was $130 a month back in 2006, in late 2008/early 2009 when I was basically unemployed, it droped to $15 and then back to work, back up to $133. Have you looked at State programs, since you are self-employed?

Susan and Kate

Anonymous said...

I don't thing NH Healthy Kids or FL Health Kids are considered state programs. It is there to ensure that children get healthcare. Look into it in CA


Karen said...

OK This has been heavy on my mind and so I did a bit of research on it. Here is what does NOT make sense with the insurance companies you are dealing with...
The Omnibus Budget Reconcilliation Act of 1993, claims that once your child is adopted, they cannot discriminate against "preexisting conditions" of your child. This is NOT a case of an immigrant needing health care...this is simply a case of YOU adopting a CHILD.
Here is a good outline of the Act, and help you can get in California to protect your child's rights.
Hope this helps.

Omnibus Budget REconcilliation Act of 1993 said...

grrrrr....the message left out the entire link.. Ill post it as my name so you can go right to it...