Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Hair Cut

Two weeks ago, it was time for Jie Jie's first trim. She needed it from the start, but I didn't want to rush her to do something so drastic as cutting something off, so I waited until now. We talked about it for awhile first, probably a few weeks, off and on, just to get her used to the idea. On the day it was time, she launched into a huge speech featuring her caregiver, the pictures I sent and mama's long hair. It would seem that having her hair long to match mine was something of importance, or at least greatly discussed, in China, at her orphanage.

Two days later, my friend came over and gave me the same kind of trim and Jie Jie stopped us right as the scissors were about to make the first snip and she ran to find her pretent camera to take a picture of me like I did for her trim.

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