Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great Comment!

Jie Jie and I went out for ice cream and I noticed another mom glance at us as we headed toward our table. I didn't think anything of it since I was so into my daughter eating her ice cream cone and I even took some pictures.

Once the ice cream was finished, I glanced around a bit and notice the back of the head of the mom who'd glanced at us, then I noticed her little Chinese daughter. The minute I caught her eye, she smiled hugely and was just bursting to talk. She and her husband had adopted their son (5.5 yrs.) from Taiwan and their daughter (4.5 yrs.) from China.

We all eventually wandered outside and let the kids run crazy while we gabbed. Soon, Jie Jie grew tired and I picked her up. After resting, she got back down and started running again, then it repeated - when tired, I held her.

The mom was holding her 4.5 yr. old the same way and said to me, "It's so great that you hold her that way!"

YAY! It was so great to get a nice comment like that, especially after the one last Sunday.

I feel great about the job I'm doing as a mother, but it sure is nice to get a compliment now and again on it.

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