Thursday, June 16, 2011

Logged In 50 Months

As of yesterday, I've been logged in for 50 months, waiting for Apple. I wonder who she's going to be, how old she'll be, where she'll be. I still think I'm close to my referral estimate of Dec. 2012. A couple weeks ago, I started noticing the small baby clothes again, no more buying; I've got plenty, and I'm glad.

It feels nice to let a part of my brain start imagining two, though I'll be honest and say I easy imagine three, a teen, then Jie Jie, then Apple, but this whole insurance thing has been a shock and I don't know if I can afford three. Over the next year+ I'll pray diligently on this and see where I'm led.

I'm off to make dinner. Hey, Gong Gong, we're having hekka, I'm trying to copy TuTu's recipe. Wish you were here!


China Dreams said...

A true test of patience.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy!
I got back on the blog and I am a state of shock! Profit ratio?! I am so tired of these things happening in this country. I am so sorry to hear that. You and Jie Jie are in my prayers always:)