Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tummy Aches, Snacks and Meals

My little peanut has had a bumby week with tummy issues. It's part of her special need, but she gets horrendous cramps sometimes and I made an unknowing mistake and she suffered for two days. I let her eat raw veggies from a veggie and dip platter and I think it was just too much for her intestines and she fell crying to the ground the next day, doubled up in agony. We had one sleepless, painful night, and finally things moved through and she's better, for the most part, but I think I need to keep a list of what veggies I give her and how she reacts and no raw ones unless they've gone through the Vitamix blender.

She's feeling much better now, but she spent her first 5 1/2 years in this kind of pain on a regular basis. She is so strong and brave!

I've also started shopping differently and give her substantial snacks and smaller meals. She notices the amount of food on our plates. She wants the same size serving I have, but when I tell her that I'm big and she's small, she's okay with it. Last night, it was the reverse since I'm trying to lose the 12 pounds I've gained this last year, and she was grinning from ear to ear that she had the bigger portion.

Her snacks are small amounts, in fun bento boxes, of a variety of the following:

fresh fruit: cherries (4-5), apricots (1/2), pineapple, apples
shelled sunflower seeds (1 tbs)
sesame stix
dried blueberries (1 tbs)
dried seaweed
organic animal crackers
potato straws (just a few)
Cows milk and Soy milk, alternated
Whole wheat toast

She doesn't like yogurt or cheese yet. I think she'd like the sweet, thinner yogurts, but I'm really watching her dairy intake. She's not lactose intolerant, but dairy is hard on the gut, so I'm careful. I make up for protein at mealtimes.

She's a great eater, but she's new to most solid food since she only began having it two years, or less, ago. I give her pretty plates that are different from the daycare kids and if she eats what they do, I always add something more, today it was fresh pineapple. The daycare kids don't mind because they know she's older and mine, but my daughter feels special and loved, which is supremely important to me, of course, and it gives her more calories.

It's a challenge trying to give her tons of calories and eat fewer myself, but portion control and no snacking for me should help me get back on track.

I'd love to hear what snack and meal ideas my readers have.


Eliza2006 said...

Same types of snacks over here. Apple sauce, freeze dried fruit (Costco), cottage cheese, cheese sticks, berries, watermelon, gogurts, raw veggies with ranch dip, mandarin oranges...

Hedgetoad said...

Have you tried goat's milk products? I've heard that is much easier on the tummy than regular processed milk. You migh also try a local health food store. They carry many products tailor made for various diets.

foreverfamily said...

we do mostly raw snacks so I don't we have much to offer. homemade hummus&pesto for dipping flaxseed crackers&veggies; kids' cliff bars (costco in bulk); non-dairy smoothies (mostly greens) bulked up with super foods powders; spelt tortilla w/cheese or nut butter; sprouts; we add quinoa or beans to fruit salad; and