Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're Freezing!

I keep reading blog after blog and hearing about how hot it is and how wonderful summer is and I see all the kids wearing shorts and here we sit, in California, layering up like crazy for a picnic in the park. Please send a little of your warmth and sunshine our way.

No joke, by the end of today's picnic, Jie Jie had on thick tights, socks, pants, undershirt, shirt, sweater, fleece-lined jacket and a hat. I just kept running back to the car for more and more layers as we shivered our way through the day. I'll post pictures later.


China Dreams said...

I'm in a sweater and corduroy jeans while a cold drizzle falls off and on outside. On Memorial Day weekend the beaches were packed. Up and down then up and down again.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I remember those days. Perpetually fall. I moved to Florida from Norther CA in 2004. Summer's here - really from April to October is short weather.

I do miss the Bay area for the culture, but can't imagine living there again. Still have family in both the north bay and the south bay.

Your new daughter is adorable. My daughter is 7 yrs old (will be 8 in July). She has been home almost 5 yrs and is my joy.

Susan and Kate
Tampa FL

Hedgetoad said...

Us too!