Thursday, July 7, 2011

Long, Long Wait

Referrals came this week and the families who were matched waited 60 months, or 5 years! 60 months for me comes next April, but, by my last calculations, I would expect my referral in December of 2012 or later. During the second year of my wait, I did some math and figured my wait would take 6 years. It looks like I'll be spot on.


Anonymous said...

You are so fortunate that the rules change and the timing worked out so that you could adopt Jie Jie as well as stay in line for Apple. It will be so wonderful for your girls to have a sister. Lucky family!

China Dreams said...

Wow-our log in date was January 2006 and our son came home October 2008-I thought that was a long time (when we completed our dossier the estimate was 8-10 months to travel). You are to be admired for your perseverance-not that they aren't worth every bit of the wait, but a lot of people stopped waiting.