Monday, July 4, 2011

Whew! Finally Asleep

I made the mistake tonight of talking to Jie Jie about her upcoming dental work and how she'll be "asleep with special medicine" during the process. I absolutely could not get her to fall asleep tonight because it seemed she thought if she fell asleep, the dentist would come tonight. She has a type of low constant moan she does when she's distressed and it wasn't hard to put two and two together.

It will be at least 30 days until we start the work, but since her initial exam last Friday, the dentist is a constant shadow in her life right now. Each time we prepare to leave the house, she points to her teeth and asks, "Dentist?"

She did well at the the exam until he pulled out the probe and then she lost it. I had him stop almost immediately because I could see it was clearly a Post Traumatic moment. It was the profuse sweat that drenched her head instantly that made it clear this wasn't ordinary fear and panic, but utter terror. Luckily, he was done and we didn't have to try to continue.

The dentist told me he's seen worse, but her work will be extensive, which wasn't any surprise, but it should all be able to be done in one shot under general anesthesia, which is the most risky part of the process. My insurance situation is still pending...

Please pray for Jie Jie, that she trust me enough to know that I'd not allow anyone to harm her and that she not be so frightened of medical-related things.

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