Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Ball is Rolling, the Phone is Ringing

In the past two days I've had calls from Kaiser like crazy:

Pediatric Gastroenterology
Pediatric Surgery

All before I've been taken Jie Jie to the pediatrician for her first physical (third if you count immigration and the one done for medical review).

Honestly, I was feeling breathless and overwhelmed until tonight. Tonight the surgeon called and the calm I've been waiting for decended upon me. He was wonderful! I was so prepared to wage a major war to get the care my daughter needs that it was amazing to hear the surgeon say, "We can't provide the care here that your daughter needs so I've already contacted the medical director and let him know and my first recommendation is Children's Hospital, but if you need more than that then we'll find the right place."

Not only that, but this surgeon trained with one that I actually have seen perform in videos. As part of the research I did before adopting Jie Jie, I joined some medical websites and watched surgeries similar to the ones she has had. One of the best ones was the surgeon that trained the guy that called me tonight - and - two nights ago, I just happened to have watched that video again!

This morning I woke up wondering if I had what it takes to manage all of this and tonight I know I can.

When I told the surgeon how we've been managing and how far Jie Jie has come since being home, he was amazed and impressed. My little girl has been blessed with something special that I think will carry her through life happy and confident regardless of what her body is like.

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China Dreams said...

Hurray! Glad things are finally working out in your favor.