Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cat Poo and Other De-Tails

Jie Jie has heard our cat Rose urinate in the litterbox before so when Rose went into the box tonight, Jie Jie said, "Rose no poo," meaning, the cat doesn't poop at all.

I told her that Rose poops every day and that she's a clean cat and covers it up with the sand. Suddenly, I realized that Rose was pooping so Jie Jie hopped out of bed to observe. Rose takes longer than my other cats to produce after assuming the pose so Jie Jie said, "Rose take long time."

Then, the moment, "Rose one. Small one." I told her to keep watching. "Rose two."

Business complete, Rose promptly buried it, then immediately cleaned her bottom. Several minutes later, Rose gave me "loves" and Jie Jie saw me turn my face away as Rose turned her tail end toward me. She said, "Rose stinky."

I said, "No, Rose cleaned her bottom."

Jie Jie said, "Rose tongue dirty. Eat poo."

I thought it was very astute of her and, quite gross if one thinks too much about it. Yes, cats clean their bottoms with their tongues and then want to smell your breath, up close and personal like.

I explained that if a human uses their tongue to clean their bottom then it's dirty and stinky, but that cats have special tongues and it's not dirty. As I type this, I suddenly realize that some humans engage in oral s*x acts. Thank heavens children don't need to know about that!

I LOVE watching her learn!

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China Dreams said...

I love how they can really get their message across in two and three word sentences when they're learning.