Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Five Year Mark

It's official. The families who recently received their referrals (matches to their babies in the non-special need child line) waited FIVE years from the date their dossiers were logged in with CCAA (I know, it's not called that any more).

Early on, I did some math calculations and came up with a wait of 6 years 2 months or four months or something like that and it's looking like that's right on the nose for me. The earliest I'd expect my referral is Dec. 2012 based on more recent calculations.

I realize the wait for some families has really turned into a nightmare. The older parents have my sympathy and those with other children who may be teenagers or in college by the time their baby sibling arrives home.

I still feel like I'm in a unique situation, having aleady realized the dream of my first child, and finding the wait is still optimal for our situation. I'd like to, somehow, add a teenage girl to our family.

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Karen said...

WOW I'm not sure I would be so bold as to want a teenager to adopt. You got very lucky, in that your fist daughter was bonded with someone before you, it seems. So, she is able to bond with you. I hear of too many situations where families end up with a child with RAD when they havent had the bonding take place early on. I know of one family that adopted successfully 4 times, then decided to adopt older children, and one of the child had to be placed again for adoption after 2 years of trying, and the other they are still struggling with attachment issues. Your older daughter will be a teen soon enough. :-)
As for the wait,'s hard. We were logged in with you, and our first daughter was 2 when we were logged in, now she is going to be 7 soon, and like you, we expect to be in China when she's around 9. Hard! BUT we asked for an older toddler, so hopefully that happens so that the age difference will not be so big.