Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mama Sewed!

I have a whole stash of fabric that I've saved, some for 20 years, for The Day When I'd Have a Daughter. I finally had a moment to sew some pajamas for Jie Jie. She's on her own bed in her room but she doesn't sleep there, other than the occasion nap. She'd like to sleep there, but I'm not going to change our sleeping arrangement until after all her medical stuff is completed since I know she'll need to be next to me again once we begin.

I came in to go to bed and found my little nugget like this. Her sleeping spot is next to the whale way over on the right. When she comes onto my bed, I think she's wanting to feel closer to me. If I catch her in my bed and still awake, she's so happy when I lay down next to her and we talk or play silly games that mothers and children love so much.

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China Dreams said...

Cute pjs. My mother was my 4-H sewing instructor and I always thought I would enjoy teaching my daughters to sew, but....maybe the next daughter and the granddaughter instead.