Friday, August 5, 2011

Pediatrician Appointment

We met our pediatrician today. She's very nice and seems very good. She's already researching specialists like crazy and she's willing to refer me to my first choice place, but, ultimately, it's up the the surgeon. He seems cool, too, but is looking to refer Jie Jie more locally. There are pros and cons to each choice.

Jie Jie did extremely well, a tiny bit apprehensive at first with the nurse doing the vitals. She was quick and talking too fast. I had to tell her not to talk so much. She was saying things like, "This isn't sharp, I'm not going to poke you or hurt you." I told her that Jie Jie doesn't speak English well and only picks up words like sharp, poke, hurt. I asked her to just say what was going on in a simple way, "This will get a little tight," for the blood pressure cuff, for example.

Jie Jie was GREAT for the blood test. She told me last Monday that she's going to relax and not cry and that's pretty much what she did. She sat on my lap and wanted to watch, but when the moment came, she covered her eyes with my hand. One tear leaked from one eye, but she didn't move and didn't cry. The nurse was fantastic! One stick with a butterfly needle and she filled 7 vials without a pause. There is no bruising at all.

She's 41 1/8" tall and 35 pounds. That's 104cm, a 2cm gain in height and I'm feeling it as her leggings are all getting a little short now.

A little apprehensive with the nurse.

Fine with the doctor and woman who did the blood draw.

Wow! Saying cheese, but ready to dive in!


We shared and still had room for pizza afterward. This is probably our least nutritious dinner since becoming a family, but it was a special treat to celebrate Jie Jie's bravery.


Peggy said...

She is such a brave little girl! You must be very proud of her.

She is almost exactly the same size as our 4 year old daughter that we will be going to get in a month or so. You would be the perfect person to ask this question...what size clothing does she wear?

Ms. J said...

Found your blog via RQ. I wanted to offer support if you need it, having also adopted a child with a medical issue from China. I think going out for ice cream or some special treat afterwards is a great idea.

Not sure if you have ever done this, so forgive me if you have . . . we had our daughter watch " Goe.s to the Do.ctor" over and over, and gave her a small Elm.o doll (the ones that sell for $8 at a card store). That stuffed doll went with us to every doctor appt, and I asked the nurses and doctors and techs to administer everything to E.lmo first so that my daughter could see it in practice first. You get the idea. E.lmo got stickers and a pretzel as a reward for being brave, too.

This is all made much harder when the child has just come into a new family and is learning a new language, so I "get it." Our daughter was a toddler, but had severe grief issues, so each doctor appt or test had us on edge because we would be making progress in bonding and then that would happen.

Like I said, here to support how I can, so please feel free to reach out.

K said...

Hi, Peggy,

My daughter wears size 4 pants and size 4 or 5 shirts, depending on the length. She wears size 90 and 100 Hanna Anderssen dresses. Other dresses are 4 or 5, depending on the style, but 5 seems better for most.

Peggy said...

Oh thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me her sizes. That helps tremendously, and also confirms what I was thinking.