Saturday, August 6, 2011

TeddyCat or WatchCat

The cutest thing happened two nights ago when I tucked Jie Jie into bed with her stuffed whale, that acts as a bumper and keeps her off the wall, and her stuffed kitty that she keeps near her pillow. As I was shutting the door, she shot up in bed and asked for Rose or Sammy to be in the room. I didn't realize it, but there has always been a cat with her in the room when I'm not there and she felt safer that way. The cat doesn't even sleep on her bed, usually, but on mine or on the dresser, but it was enough for her. Sammy volunteered to come in with her and I asked if that was better and she said it was, snuggled down and went right to sleep.

I reminded me of a dog, that faithful companion keeping watch at the foot of the bed. My cats are a lot like dogs that way. They are warm and snugly and affectionate and very protective and loving. I love that she Jie Jie can derive comfort from our pets. Having animals like these around is very therapeutic.


Hannah said...

My daughter is 6 1/2 and when we go to my mothers house (2 story), and I ask her to get something upstairs, she always wants one of the dogs to go with protect her. Sweet. Love how brave your girl was for the doctor, as well.

shelley said...

ooppss that is my comment above, my daughter was still signed in. Sorry