Friday, September 16, 2011

53 Months Waiting for Apple

It was 53 months as of yesterday. Time is ticking. I'm starting to feel excited. I have a definite savings plan in place to cover travel expenses when the time comes. I can hear you all! That collective sigh and, "IF it ever comes!" It will come, trust me.

Meanwhile, I continue to wait and raise Jie Jie.

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Kelly & Todd said...

Kimi --

Happy 53 months! I hope the wait continues to go well for you and one day soon we'll be on a plane to China to bring home our babies.

Please forgive me for not thanking you for the last SP gift you sent us so many months ago. I was re-organizing today and came across the card you enclosed with the final gift. To my horror it hit me that I'd yet to send you a thank you. I'm so very sorry - it was extremely rude and I feel terrible. We loved the gifts and really enjoyed having you as our SP.

I never peeked so it was a great surprise to find out who you were and where you are from. I was just checking out your blog and would like to congratulate you on the arrival of "Jie Jie". I wish you all the best as you await the arrival of the hydrotherapy pool and hope the exercises go well and her muscle strength continues to improve.

Again, thank you so much for all of the wonderful goodies you sent us over the months. I look at them often and can't wait to actually use them one day (hopefully soon).

Best Wishes Always - Kelly & Todd