Monday, September 12, 2011


Jie Jie is finally ready for the fun science museums. I've been waiting for this time to come; it's one of those things I imagined doing as a mom long, long ago. The California Academy of Science is in San Francisco's Gold Gate Park. It's a new building, one of the greenest on earth, with hightech natural systems all throughout, including a living roof. With this recession we are in, I noticed, to my delight, that places like these are virtually empty. We went on the last day of the Snakes and Lizards exhibit and got a year long membership so that we can come over and over again.

This place has live penguins and a hall of natual science. You know, the stuffed real animals in panoramic scenes. They have a rainforest dome, three levels, full of birds and butterflies and all kinds of things, with a river on the ground floor. You have to be checked for butterflies at the end since they sometimes land of people. The bottom level is all aquariums and the scuba diver was cleaning the tank and playing with the kids through the glass. They also have an albino aligator, a planetarium, several hands on science areas and tons more. It's one of my favorite places.

This snake model was used in the movie Anaconda in 1991. It's 30 feet long and one of the most advanced animatronic creatures ever built. It uses military technology and is submersible.

We went to our local space and science center. Jie Jie liked it a lot even though her English isn't good enough yet to fully explain all she is seeing. We saw The Mysteries of Egypt in the Megadome theater, a 270 degree panoramic theater. We also bought a membership, splitting it with another single mom so it was a GREAT deal.

Our next 6 months is going to be about exposure and introduction. We don't need to go into detail, just introduce ideas and concepts to build a foundation of knowledge upon. Jie Jie is super smart. She seeks knowledge and creates methods of learning for herself. She loves homeschool. Today she said to me, "No do school long time," meaning, we haven't done school work in a few days. She doesn't realize that our field trip to Tilden Park's Little Farm on Friday was school, or the Space and Science Center, or that when I read to her at night and ask her to read the words she knows, she is being "schooled." I'm so happy that she loves homeschooling and has made the connection that it's learning things she wants to learn. I can't wait for her world to open up once she can read and discovers how truly exciting books can be.

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