Friday, September 9, 2011

Loving Home Schooling

It is only been three weeks since I felt like I knew what I was doing on the homeschooling front and I am astounded at Jie Jie's progress. She is learning by leaps and bounds and it's been very fun. We look forward to our school time every day. I'm so happy that homeschooling is turning out to be one of those things for me that, once I'm shown the beginning, the progression is logical and natural to me and my own creativity and knowledge blossoms into making it all better and better.

Jie Jie has gone from still trying to learn the alphabet to being able to recognize three words that she can "read" when I point to them in the book as I am reading it, we, up and moon. It is so fun to read WITH her and I'm looking forward to her doing it more and more, as is she. She can recognize several letters by site and remember some of the letter sounds. She can also sign many of the letters. She can recite two poems in her cute accented English and I heard her count to ten tonight and know she is about to grasp the full concept of counting using English number words any day now. Along with this concept, she is learning about basic addition and subtraction using manipulatives. Being able to name her colors has suddenly made a huge leap, too, something she herself is particularly happy about since she loves to color so much.

She is learning English so fast that it's getting harder to understand her sometimes rather than easier. This is because she is using so many new words and doesn't always get the pronouciation correct. I get the feeling that one month from now Jie Jie is going to have made a huge leap in her English.

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