Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good Times

My fencing club's annual beach picnic.
I dug a tunnel and the next thing I know, Jie Jie buried herself in it!

Fun in our new spa. The water is now perfectly clear.
The therapy is working well, the right muscles are getting worked on and we're getting into a routine with it. I'm so glad I bought it. You can see how deep it is for Jie Jie in the second photo where she is standing in the middle.

Sunset over the Pacific, the evening of our picnic.

These are size 4/5, T*rget brand. Jie Jie likes these a lot, but couldn't figure out why I was making the feet long for this picture.


Karen said...

WOW She IS tiny! I think she and Cady are the same age if Im not mistaken. Cady is actually big for her age (especially being from China) but she is in size 10 as of this month. Im actually astonished that she jumped two shoe sizes and two clothes sizes over the summer.
Your daughter is amazingly cute, BTW.

Chrissy said...

Did I send you those pj's? Wow, guessed wrong on that size...She looks adorable in them though! So sorry to hear about the dentist issues, I hope she is continuing to heal well. Keep me updated on your quest to get to the other hospital. I'm pretty sure I know where you're going. So proud of you for all the fighting you do for her, keep it up.

K said...

Hi, Chrissy,

No, these aren't the pj's you sent, though I think you did send a similar pair that is still in the "grow into" box.

I'll keep you posted on the hospital. I'm sure you are right about knowing where we want to go. My pediatrician is strongly advocating for us to go, too.