Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Minute Mama

LOL! Yes, I'm one of those even though I knew in China last April that Jie Jie was going to be a xiongmao, panda, for Halloween. It's 12:50am and I just finished sewing her costume. I got her up to use the bathroom and she immediately started looking for it without me having to tell her that I finished it. She's thrilled and I'm happily satisfied. How many years did I imagine sewing a costume for my child?

It brought back memories of my own mother sewing my witch costume dress when I was 5 or 6 years old. I loved that dress!

We are ready for the candy. My street gets over 1000 kids before 9pm. I have a tradition with my neighbor from my apartment. She comes over with some candy and joins me for the evening. Tomorrow, she'll hold down the fort alone for a little of the time while I take Jie Jie to a few houses.


Catherine said...

1000 kiddos? YIKES!!!

Have fun with your sweetie! Looking forward to seeing pics!

Anonymous said...

Have fun; she will grow up so fast; I actually still sew cotumes for my 15 year old daughter (from Hefei) but it always for piano ensembles; she and her friend played "Beauty and the Beast" this year as a duet. JL was Belle. Tiff was the prince. I made both costumes. They scored a purple ribbon. In that recital the judges love costumes!!
Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

Anonymous said...

Last minute AMAZING Mama!