Monday, October 10, 2011

We Just Called Jie Jie's SWI

Tonight Jie Jie decided it was time to call her PoPo, her caregiver, so we did. It was really on a whim, but we got through easily and they were all very excited to speak to her. Unfortunately, Jie Jie couldn't remember how to speak in her native dialect, though I could tell it was just below the surface, and I could only mutter a phrase or two in Mandarin. I really don't think it mattered. I think that they were so happy to hear from her, that it was worth it.


Catherine said...

What a gift to your daughter and also to those who cared for her. It's too bad that children lose their original language so quickly but just as this has happened to Jie Jie, I've heard of it happening to many others.

Catherine said...

I wish there were ways we could keep/teach our children the language they are born with. I've investigated here and there is nothing. It makes me sad.