Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Counting Blessings

Last Saturday, Jie Jie and I attended a birthday party at a small tumbling place. I waited until the last minute to decide if it was safe to go, and only after consulting with the head neck specialist at the chiropractic college. (I'm still waiting for the second opinion from the medical doctor.) There were rings to swing on and a trampoline, balance beams and bars. Jie Jie LOVED swinging on the rings.

As I watched Jie Jie swing on those rings and turn upside down and romp and play, I realized that she is so far from disabled. Yes, her special need is severe and does place significant limitations on her in some areas that will become increasingly hard to manage as she matures, but she will be able to manage them, I'm sure.

I've read so many blogs this week of families with children who have very serious, life-taking conditions. I poured over the pictures of waiting children and read their sketchy information, things like heart defects, missing limbs, severe facial anomalies, bone, blood, nerve and spine disorders, etc. I've read of true miracles for some that are astounding, and of others still hoping and waiting for a miracle, and those praying to leave the earth and go Home where there isn't any more pain and agony.

As Jie Jie played at the party, I took inventory:

Neck, so far so good...
Brain, great
Eyes & ears, great
She can eat
Arms, great
Legs, good
Feet, good enough for now
Things in the middle, not quite where some things should be, or doing what they should, but we are managing well. She's thriving!

I took out the two-wheel bike on Sunday. It's been quite awhile since we last tried it. Jie Jie pedalled the bike about 50 feet!!!!! I could clearly see that the difference was due to all the kicking she's done in the water lately. Those nerves and muscles had a good sense of what to do, and with some specific hints, she started to get the hang of it. 2 Biggest hints: The legs take turns pushing the pedals down, and Look where you are going, don't look down at your feet, or you will crash.

The funniest moment was when she headed into the grass, toward the street and I expected her to stop. Nope, not my child. She rode down the curb - a full fledged curb - maintained her balance, and only stopped when her disbelieving mama caught her in the street. Both of our faces looked shocked. She's definitely old enough and responsible enough to understand the dangers of going into the street, but I guess she didn't know how to stop. In fact, another funny tidbit is that when I'm driving and there are pedestrians, she always cautions me be to be careful!

As I count my blessings, I'm sending out a heartfelt, soul-deep prayer to all the children and families who are among the poor, sick and needy, that they will feel the hand of God comfort and bless them, that the sick will be healed or taken Home swiftly, that orphans will be adopted by loving parents, the all may have the necessities of life.

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Anonymous said...

She is learning, and from what I read, very happy! Any child will be blessed to have you as their Mom.