Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting Bigger is Still Pretty Tiny

Jie Jie has grown 3.5 centimeters since coming home; she's a whopping 106cm tall and growing into size 5 clothes. I can hardly believe she'll be 8 years old in 3 months! Her feet finally grew, too, but not a whole size. She just fills the shoes she's got a bit better now.

The boy to the right of Jie Jie just turned 3 years old, and he's average sized. The girl next to him will be three in Feb. and she's a little tall. The four little ones on the left are all 2 year olds.

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Anonymous said...

my new girls are so little as well, and not at all like my other children were when they were 7 years old. I've had so many thoughts about changing their birthdates around so they can have a longer childhood or seem more appropriate with peers their age. I've had a strong sense just this last week that God was telling my heart. Love them. That's it, not to worry over their "offness" etc. but just love them. That's my role. You have been an encouragement to me! Thanks for loving your little jie jie and sharing the stories of it.