Thursday, November 3, 2011

I 'Member, Mama

Today while driving, a large, long boxy white van came along side us then in front of us, first on the road and then into the same parking lot. Suddenly, Jie Jie said, "I 'member, mama. In China that kind car come baby. Bye bye baby."

I asked her which baby, but in my heart I already had guessed. "Baby die, mama. Big car, white, like that one, come, take baby. Take big people die, too."

This made me remember about the time my TuTu died in Jan. 2008, when a white van came to take her, too. I shared that with Jie Jie because she seems to have some kind of connection to my grandmother even though they, obviously, never met. In fact, last week, out of the blue, she drew a picture and it was of TuTu in a "box" and she was dead. Jie Jie drew a flower next to it and rain. I have never talked about my grandmother's burial with Jie Jie, but it did rain.

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