Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Playing the Baby

For a couple of weeks now, Jie Jie and the daycare kids play "baby." One of them is the baby and the others take care of the baby. Jie Jie makes sure that everyone gets to be the baby, she's very fair that way, and, eh, bossy, but I keep my eye on this game closely to see if I get any clues as to what her needs may be in relation to her history and make sure it stays appropriate. So far it has.

Tonight after I helped her into her pajamas, she got right into my lap and said she was the baby and wanted to sleep with me holding her. I said that she could and that I love holding her, but that mamas hold their babies while sitting in the rocking chair. Remember, we moved the rocker out of her room several months back and haven't used it in all this time.

She was very interested in finding out what the rocking chair was, even though it was in the livingroom. She didn't know the English word for it and didn't remember when I rocked her in it a long time ago. She LOVED it! She snuggled in and tried her best to fall asleep. I discovered last week that she loves to have her head stroked, as though brushing the hair back from her face, while she's falling asleep. I did that, then started stroking her cheek and tracing her lips with my finger, then her little ear, which tickled too much and she giggled, then grabbed my hand and put it back on her head.

After my arm no longer had any circulation in it, I carried her to bed and tucked her in, all while she stayed "asleep." Then, in mere minutes, was really asleep.

I know she was with her birth family for several months. She was nursed, so that means a lot of snuggling. This week, she's given me a ton of kisses and told me she loves me. I think that she's fallen more in love with me.

I never thought much before about how many layers the depth of a relationship could have, but as we fall deeper and deeper in love with each other, I'm astounded. I have to admit that my favorite part of Halloween was watching her go down the street to go trick-o-treating and seeing the little tail on her costume wriggling back and forth as she skipped and danced.

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