Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dentist Decision

Back at the beginning of October my daughter had dental work done under general anesthesia in the dentist's office. I did decide to find dental care at another practice since I didn't feel the dentist we'd gone to was a team player, but a dictator-type. Please read HERE for the details. A few things came in the mail from that office that I was expecting, the anesthesiologist report and bills, etc... I didn't bother to open them until today and, dated Oct. 27, was a letter from the dentist himself:

"As in all professions, a dentist has reached perfection only when he or she is working in an atmosphere of complete confidence and trust. When the proper rapport is established between the doctor, staff and the patients, everyone concerned is happier.

We as dentists hope to work with you, the parent, as a team to ensure the best health and treatment outcome for your child. When the recommended treatment has been refused, then a child's care has been compromised. We cannot in good conscience treat your child in this manner. For the reason, we feel you will be able to obtain more beneficial services if you consult with another pediatric dental office for (name of my daughter)'s care.

Enclosed is a copy of (name of my daughter)'s x-rays."

I find it extremely disturbing that he feels he can't "reach perfection" when a parent considers pre-med, prescribed and administered by the anesthesiologist, unnecessary, but more disturbing than that is that he considers working as a team having the parent trust him 100% and not have any input at all into their own child's care. One of the biggest medical mistakes people make is to trust their doctor without question and not being as fully informed as possible and proactive in their own care (or the care of their family member).

I am soooo glad that I made the decision to switch practices on my own before reading this letter or I might be more upset about it than I already am. Upset because he thinks he's being a team player when he was so unprofessional with me that day and upset because I actually put my daughter under his care. My only consolation is that his actual dentistry skills have never come into question. I hope never to find out otherwise.

But the very best thing of all is what my daughter remember from that day, "Mama sing me." (Mama sang to me) I did sing to her, looking straight into her eyes as she went under the anesthesia.


Anonymous said...

he sounds like a jerk.


Hedgetoad said...

If there is some sort of review board you could write, I would do that... there is no excuse for the lack of care he shows towards patients or their care-givers.
The fact that he refused to listen to important medical information that would impact care (possibly significantly) and that your child injured durring the procedure with little caring showed AND the screaming other child, shows a significant lack of professionalism and potentially dangerous situations for future patients. Your child was injured, how much more pressure would it take for another child to sustain permanent injuries from broken bones or joints? Not much.