Thursday, December 1, 2011

Huff and Puff and Blow the House Down

I am typing this when I should be in bed, but there is a HUGE wind storm raging outside and I've been a bit jumpy because of it. I don't know how many miles per hour the wind is gusting - but I just realized I can find a weather channel and find out...Okay, 10-15 mph, with gusts expected up to 23 mph. My house is shaking like we're having an earthquake, the neighbors large garbage cans are flying all over his driveway and I think they thumped into my house a few times. I just pulled my car up into my driveway as far as possible so that the tree branches, if they fall, won't hit it, and I just rescued my daycare sign as the chain just broke and it was going flying down the street (1am). Earlier, the lights were flickering and there was some mysterious lightening-like light outside and some strange noises. I called the electric company to have them check the nearest transformers, or whatever those big boxes on the poles are called. My single-paned lead glass sash windows are rattling and there must be a draft in my kitchen cupboards, because the dishes rattle now and then, too. I've moved the flower pots off of the edge of the porch, put blankets on the curtain rods in my bedroom in front of the windows and stuffed a folded rug under the front door to block the wind as it enters the house. The cats are huddled on the heater vents and I'm about to crawl into bed with an electric blanket.

I've lived through hurricanes, typhoons and blizzards, but I've never been a mom or home owner before while sitting out a storm and it's just a bit disconcerting. At least this will bring down a ton of leaves from the trees so I'll only have to rake a few more times before they're all gone for the season!


Anonymous said...

Hope you all made it safe and sound.


Catherine said...

Hope it has passed now and you're safe and well without any damage.

There was a TERRIBLE wind storm in Calgary, Alberta Sunday morning!! It was so bad that they closed the entire downtown as windows were blowing out of buildings! The gusts were measuring as high at 80 MILES per hour!!! Thankfully it didn't last too long although it will take a while to clean up the damage.

Hope your wind storm has passed by now too.

Karen said...

Just so you know, PG&E has a government contract, and will weatherize your house for free, as a homeowner with moderate income. You should take advantage of that. We did, and Im amazed by how weather tight our house was in the wind storm last night!

K said...

Thanks for letting me know, Karen. I'm going to call them right now!