Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Kid You Not

This happened today, just 4 hours ago...

Jie Jie needed a medication; it's the second time she's been on this one. I arrive at the Kaiser pharmacy and there is a little confusion about my medication being ready since it had just been called in barely an hour earlier, but the man at the counter assures me that he'll call my name when it's ready and to have a seat. Usually one stands in line and the line was extremely long, so I was thankful.

After some time, I'm called back to the counter by the same man. He puts the medication on the counter and starts putting the info into his computer and I look at the medication and I can't see the top of the medication through the bottle. It should be past the label and near the top. (Remember, I've only seen this medication once before for Jie Jie) I pick it up. It feels light. Too light. I read the label, yes, correct medication, and, give for 10 days. I shake it. I shake it again. I say to the man, "This is a powder."

He says, "No, it's a liquid."

I say, "No, it's a powder, should I mix it myself?"

He again says, "No, it's a liquid," picks it up, shakes it, insists it's a liquid.

I repeat myself again, "It's a powder!"

He shakes it again and says it's a liquid, then tips it as if to pour it and sees that it's a powder!

He is stunned. I tease him and say I'll mix it myself at home and that I mix my cats' medication. He's still a bit stunned by his mistake and says, no, he can't allow that and apologizes more, asks me to sit and wait, then hands it to someone in the back to mix.

Remember, the place is packed with people. The ones nearby are observing this. I tease again, but with a serious undertone, and say to the man, "100,000 people die per year due to medical mistakes. Fortunately, my daughter wouldn't have died from this. Please don't make a mistake with a medication that can kill someone."

Kaiser scares me! Are you, dear readers, counting the number of errors that I've experienced with Kaiser? I know that I'm a naturally very observant person with many things, but what made me look for the top of the medication? What made me pick that bottle up and know immediately that it was too light? God is really looking out for Jie Jie, isn't He?

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Karen said...

I guess that's why it's good we check the labels and names on the meds to double check them. A couple months ago, I picked up a med for my husband without reading the name on the bottle because they staple the bag at my pharmacy. When we opened the bag at home, we noticed it was someone else's name on the bottle, so I called the pharmacy and they took it back and gave us the correct prescription.
And once, we got someone's diabetic medication mailed and delivered to our front door, even though it was a completely different address and name.
Stuff happens...It's human. And that's why I don't blame them, they do a LOT at pharmacies, and the odds are good that SOMETHING is gonna happen if we don't take responsibility ourselves to double check for our OWN good. I think it's MORE irresponsible for people to NOT double check than it is for pharmacy techs to (once in a while) give out the wrong meds, or unmixed.
But then, I'm a huge believer in personal responsibility. I was on a jury once with someone trying to sue a doctor for not "fixing" her problems soon enough, but in the hospital records, she seemed to be more concerned about going to the emergency room for a hang nail than going back to the doctor on a regular basis to fix her more serious issues. Out of all 12 of us, only one of us blamed the doctor for her chronic condition...needless to say, she lost the case, and she was dumbfounded, but 11 of us shared the same belief that personal responsibility trumps most everything else, unless the doctor (or whoever it is) is intentionally neglectful.