Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree You Are BIG

Perfect Christmas sweater, cats on the front...

and a cat on the back!

No, this isn't the right tree, but the Christmas Tree Man, who opened tree after tree until we found the perfect one, goofed off and did a model pose for us then agree to do it again for the camera and go on the blog.

This is OUR tree.

Yep, mama got the tree off the car and up the stairs all by herself.
She used her super-power, Mind Over Matter, (it doesn't matter if it's too heavy and you break your back; just get it inside)!

It fell over a few times until I bought a bigger stand.
Then, trying to adjust it today, fully decorated, while underneath it, I tipped it over again, and nearly toppled it completely, but my tiny daughter used her own super-power and was able brace it long enough for me to climb out from under and get a grip on it. Then she actually held it up, strategically standing on the piano bench, while I secured it again.

Jie Jie's getting her very first ornament just right!

This was an amazing feet, I'm standing on the piano bench, holding Jie Jie up and over so she could get the angel on.

I made this advent calendar over 20 years ago for "The Day When I'd Have a Child."

Jie Jie's first Christmas gift, from a little playmate.
It's under the tree!

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness what a wonderful tree. It must smell so good.