Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vignettes of Dreams

All my life I've imagined motherhood in little snippets, like vignettes or scenes from a movie. Tonight I raked the leaves out back, down the driveway and in the front. It's a HUGE task. By the time I reached the front, Jie Jie was tired of playing inside by herself and came out wearing her antler headband with lights that really blink. I'd just surprised her with it today so she was eager to try it out now that it was dark.

I suggested she get the daycare tricycle out, even though she's a little too big for it. Soon, she was cruising around on it, headband all lit up, pretending she was driving a car, making zooming sounds and other sounds that kids make when pretending.

The house Christmas lights on the house and yard were shining brightly in the darkness and Jie Jie zoommed past me and I just leaned on the broom and breathed it all in. It was one of those magical mommy moments of pure bliss and satisfaction!

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