Sunday, January 15, 2012

57 Months Logged In

I'm closing in on the 5 year mark and I'm in the midst of completing what I've been told is my last I-600 renewal. It was a free renewal. They count like this:

Original filing - paid fee
1st renewal - free
2nd renewal - paid fee
3rd renewal - free

If I don't use it up by July 19,l 2013, I'll have to go I-800. Unless, someone in Washington decides otherwise.

I hope you have all seen and "signed" the petition to extend the adoption tax credit. It is often the only thing that makes adoption affordable. The more available this is, the more children can come home to their forever families.

Please go HERE to sign it.


Karen said...

That's horrible.. All this time we've been keeping active, and we could have just saved money. I don't understand why it would "age out" per se. It's only a form. I guess we're moving in on a new generation at USCIS that does not understand the "old" forms. sigh.

Karen said...

I don't think we're going to make the time limits. We still have 8 months of LIDs, and even if China does 1 LID month every two months (unlikely), THEN it would be 16.5 months from NOW. That would BARELY push you through without having to do I800, and most likely it will be an average of 3 or more LID months per actual month, making it more like 2.5-3 more years.

K said...

From what I understand, since we'd have to pay for the next I-600 anyway, it's just paying for the I-800 instead. Had you let it lapse, you would have saved money. Luckily for me, it allowed me to bring my current daughter home.