Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last Year on Dec. 27...

...I got The Call! My daughter's file was LOCKED with my name on it after two months of chasing it around. In case you didnt' know, Dec. 27 2006, was the day I was notified that I got a spot with my agency. I had four months to get EVERYTHING done and logged in before singles weren't allowed to adopt from China any more. I mean, I was starting from scratch. I needed my homestudy done, all the letters, finger prints, birth certificate and other documents - EVERYTHING! It only took me three months to finish and send my dossier in, then one more month to get my log in date.

Here I am, more than 4 years later, still waiting for that little one, while having another little one here already.

I am still just as patient in my wait. I am still as excited. I am just loving my daughter right now, too, and always think of Dec. 27 as my very special day.

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