Sunday, January 15, 2012

Options and the I-800

As many of you have realized, my adoption journey has been a bit out of the norm. For those of you new to my blog, I'll explain:

My dossier was logged in April 15, 2007 in the non-special needs line. This means that I am waiting for a "healthy" infant, which CCWA will match me with. My dossier was logged in 2 weeks before singles were excluded from the Chinese adoption program.

Because of my "grandfathered" status, meaning I was not restricted under the new single exclusion, in Sept. 2009, when the new Waiting Child / Special Interest program started, I was eligible to use a copy of my original dossier to adopt my daughter, while maintaining my original place in the nsn line.

All throughout, I kept my I-600A current. A few weeks after returning home with my daughter, China again opened their adoption program to single women, but with severe restrictions.

Because my original dossier is still waiting and active, I am still waiting for my referral, along with thousands of other families. However, it looks like my I-600 will expire without CIS allowing any more renewals, in July 2013. I don't think my referral will come by then. If I will be allowed to renew the I-600, then I'd have to pay for it, which costs the same as the I-800 anyway, so I'm not out any money. I would have been out money if I'd kept it current without using it to bring my current daughter home.

I have three adoption options facing me with my current dossier and CIS paperwork:

1. I could continue to wait, then go I-800 if the referral goes past when my I-600 expiration date.
2. I could use my dossier for a waiting child, before my I-600 expires. There are children of all ages constantly coming up on the Waiting Child list and some are very young infants with mild special needs. I have the option of adopting a child of any age with any need, using this dossier.
3. The last option is to not to use this dossier at all and let it go. This isn't a option I'm interested in, but it's an option none the less.

There was a commenter question a bit back, so I think this is a good time to answer it. Jie Jie is not my daughter's name. It's her online pseudonym and it means big sister. Apple is the pseudonym for the baby I'm awaiting the nsn referral for.

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