Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday Party 101: Success!

I feel like I passed Mothering 101 today! Jie Jie passed Having My First Birthday Party 101, too. There were 6 little girls in dresses, at my request, for a TRADITIONAL party. No inflatable jumper, no bowling alley, no commercial anything. I made the cake and frosted it from scratch and it's my best so far, though I can't ever seem to achieve the colors I really want. The games were Pin the Tail on the Donkey and my daughter won both times! Yes, we played it twice because it was so much fun. Then there was several rounds of musical chairs and decorating star wands with bling and stickers. Cake, ice cream and presents and a riot of girls bopping balloons - the sound was deafening and I've got the video to prove it - coming soon.

Jie Jie's favorite part was the rainbow cake, which she has looked forward to for months. Please notice it's also a rainbow inside, which she thought was marvelous, and the wand making. My little girl is a serious crafter.

Normally, in my religion, children are baptized at 8 years of age, but Jie Jie doesn't quite understand how Jesus is our Savior yet, so I'll be waiting until she understands that further.


Anonymous said...

I think you passed Mothering 101 a long time ago. The party looks amazing and the cake is beautiful. I don't think I ever had the energy that you must have to accomplish all that you do. Good job! Love all the pictures and Jie Jie looks so happy. LCN

Anonymous said...

I think you passed with flying colors!
Since I am a sponsor with LWB I saw her in the news letter.
She looks so happy. She loves her Mommy!


nancy said...

Happy Birthday Jie Jie! What a happy little girl and a wonderful mom. The cake is so cute and I love the way the girls had so much fun at the Birthday Party, the way B'Day Parties were when I was a kid. The photos were beautiful! Blessings.

Jeanne said...

Mum's cakes are always the best and yours looks really professional. Happy Birthday Jie Jie. Love all the pictures.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Jie Jie!!