Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Calling Dr. Mom

As I try to unbury myself from the pile of paperwork, mail, administrative duties, homeschooling, etc... I asked my assistant if this is what my new life is going to be like, running 12 step behind. She said that all I needed was a schedule. I laughed and told her that in daycare, it's impossible. I sent Jie Jie outside to play and went into my office.

Three minutes later, my assistant comes in and says, "Your daughter fell into the bark and I think her knee is full of splinters." My play structure has redwood bark under it - for safety!

I didn't hear any crying so I wasn't unduly concerned, but when I unveiled the knee, I started laughing again at my assistant's words and reminded her of them. I was about to embark on an hour of "mom-done surgery" to remove all the splinters in Jie Jie's knee. Any work that had been about to be done, was now put aside.

All of these splinters were in poor Jie Jie's knee!

Jie Jie got very nervous when I told her I'd have to take them out, but in the end, once she saw how it was going to happen (I showed her to tweezers and told her it was me or the doctor's office) and realized I was very skilled at splinter removal, she became very interested and cheered me on each time I removed one! It was pretty funny. She had the death clutch on my assistant's hand the whole time because I needed both of mine, and I had to keep telling Jie Jie to put her head back because she was blocking the light I needed. If you make the photo larger, you can see what is probably another splinter very deeply embedded right in the center of the red patch on her knee. I didn't dare dig that deeply. It should work itself out as the layers of skin replace themselves.


Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet girl! Glad Dr Mom was able to help!

Karen said...

When it's closer to the top layer, you can probably get the deeper one out when she is fast asleep, with a head flashlight. I've been able to get hang nails out of my daughter's big toe and a splinter out of her shin that way. She flinched once, but never woke.

Jo's Corner said...

Another way to remove many splinters...gently cover the wound with a large piece of tape, rub it on so it sticks and then when you lift it up, the splinters come out on the tape!