Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Ever Ice Skating

There was a little outdoor ice rink a few blocks away, just for the holidays, and they had double-bladed skates that fit over a child's shoes and little plastic seals for the children to hold onto. When they got tired of skating, or just wanted some fun, they sat on the seals and could be pushed. I hadn't been on the ice since buying my home over 2.5 years ago so I took Jie Jie and we had a blast! She took to it right away, didn't mind falling, partly because she's the type to get up and try and try again, and partly because I dressed her in a super thick padded snowsuit. By the end of the hour, she was letting go of the seal and trying to do tricks on her own. I took tons of video, but she'd act a little silly and fall right down.

Jie Jie's first experience ice skating. This was about 10 minutes after she first got on the ice.

About 30 minutes later she was starting to experiment and try some fancy stuff.

About 45 minutes later after stepping onto the ice for the very first time in her life! The amazing part of this is that this child has atophied lower legs and club feet. It doesn't stop her at all. Her zest for life overcomes everything!

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