Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fox Pee Rules!

Getting the hot tub was just like issuing an invitation to every rat in the neighborhood to use the top of it as a dining room and bathroom. The hot tub sits under my orange tree. Guess what the rats eat? Oranges! And they chew the peel into tiny, tiny pieces that are scattered all over and even hollow out an entire orange so that green fuzzy mold grows inside almost over night.

I cleaned the yard and hot tub area last Sunday afternoon. That night I went out to see if any rats had already dined. It was 11pm and while I stood there I saw 4 rats race down from the tree and heard more scampering than that. I grabbed my new bottle of fox pee and started sprinkling. Man that stuff smells strong and bad!!! But, it's working!!! I'm so happy that there have not been any signs of the rats coming back. I wish I had more faith in this stuff sooner.


Anonymous said...

I dunno...sounds great. But you have to get rid of the rats by killing them, or else you are not controlling the population. They'll be back...or your yard will continue to stink all year. It used to be that vermin were controlled by wild animals, such as foxes. But now, the only thing that controls them are domesticated cats...and when there are no/too few outside domesticated cats...well then, they have no foe, and the balance of the ecosystem is shot.
I don't understand why you have always had such an infestation of rats in your yard...Is it because the other yards have outside animals, or are they rampant in your entire local neighborhood? I would be very concerned about them not only contaminating my yard, but carrying diseases around or into my house. I'd be much more concerned about that, than keeping possible poisons high in my tree or wherever else the kids can't reach it. Just my two cents...although, I know you didn't ask. :-)

K said...

I've had a commercial exterminator consultation and vector control come out. What the commercial guy proposed wasn't a safe or sanitary option. What the vector control guy recommended was much more realistic. Basically, my entire neighborhood has the same problem with rats and also racoons, but the racoons haven't been around ever since my neighbor got two big dogs. Oh, we also have a ton of possums.

Apparently, there are too many to kill to make a difference, so I have to make the area inhospitable. First, I denied them access to my garage, eliminated any possible water source, washed their trails with bleach, and now, made them think they have a serious enemy in their territory.