Thursday, February 16, 2012

Logged In 58 Months

Among the birthday celebration and pre-approval celebration, I forgot to mention that yesterday also marked month 58 of my original dossier being logged in! I can hardly believe it. That dossier represents my third and final child, not just a nearly five year old stack of papers sitting on a shelf somewhere in China. It's the same stack I copied to bring my first daughter home, too. Yes, those are some amazing papers!!!

Did I ever mention that I had a HUGE fear that the plane carrying my dossier to China would crash over the ocean? It was my only chance to get my dossier in before singles were excluded from the program so I felt a lot of pressure, knowing if anything went wrong, I'd miss out.

Here I am, nearly five months later, singles now allowed to adopt again, though through a much more restricted program, and I'm puttin together another dossier!

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