Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Somewhere, One Mother Remembers

Today in China a mother, probably living somewhere in Jiangxi, remembered her daughter, born 8 years ago. She probably remember carrying her in her body, feeling each kick and roll. She probably remembered what is was like to feel the first sign of labor; and she probably was excited to meet her little baby when she finally arrived with one final push.

She probably felt soul-deep fear when she learned her baby hadn't been born with a perfectly healthy body, but for the next 7 1/2 months she did all she could to nurture her daughter as she desperately tried to find a doctor who could help her poor little baby. All the while, she nursed her baby, sustaining her life as best she could, and loved her baby, giving her a sense of safety and security despite her growing desperation and hopelessness. Her husband probably wept beside her as they watched their baby grow weaker and weaker. Finally, when it was apparent that what they had to offer wasn't enough, they brought their baby to the gate of the Social Welfare Institute and left her there.

How I wish I could somehow let them know that what they did worked. Their baby lived! What they gave her in those precious 7 1/2 months has helped her be one of the happiest children one can find.

In this case, their sacrifice gave their baby life.

I probably won't ever know the exact details of this time of my daughter's life, but I can see by my daughter's behavior and the note they left how much they loved her. I am so glad to know this with such certainty.


Karen said...

Someday, in Heaven, you will meet them, and all the unknowns for both sides will be revealed. And spiritual hearts will swell from both sides as well...To reveal mutual love for one child will be POWERFUL in Heaven.
I felt it with Cadence's nanny when we rushed up to meet her at the orphanage. We both cried. We both spoke into each others ears through the crying. I did not know Chinese and she did not know English, but we both knew with the other was saying. We were surely thanking each other and bearing our souls to one another with gratitude.
I often think of her birth mother, and wonder how difficult it must have been for her to have such an aware baby. I get a strong feeling that she did not know her daughter was taken from her as she slept. I have nothing to go by with that sense....but my own gut feeling. I don't think she would have given our daughter up quietly. The bonds she forms with others in her life are too intense for that.

Cristy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl, I think often of the girls birth moms at their birthdays. How I wish I could let them know how treasured and adored they all are.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you! May you live long and prosper.