Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Things We Do

I never thought I'd consider an 8pm run to Kaiser relaxing, but that's exactly what it felt like tonight! Right at bedtime I decided I needed to have my little darling donate a specimen to the lab, just in case, so off we went. We'll get the results tomorrow!

Yep, I was relaxing in the driver's seat singing along with Amy Gr_ant, which I hadn't listened to in YEARS, but threw in the van the other day.

Once there, the lab was closed, but the lady let us in, thankfully, since we did not needed a tech for any help. She was actually interested in adoption and asked if my daughter was Japanese. The lady was Philippina herself. She started going on and on about how not being blood related doesn't matter, but, of course, I already know that.

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Chris said...

Hi K
thanks for stopping by
I will be praying your heart's desire is fulfilled
please let me know, ok??
Are you still on the Advocacy email group?