Friday, February 17, 2012

Update on Sissy

I asked my agency to varify that Sissy is willing to be adopted since children who are 10 years old and over have to consent to their adoption and this is what I received:

"...she is studying in Grade five in a primary school. She is healthy and she obeys the rules well in the orphanage, sometimes she would have a little temple. She wants to be adopted very much. Children at her age were adopted one by one and she often asks the office people in the orphanage when she will be adopted. She is quite anxious to be adopted."

This is going to be a hard wait!


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news. I'm sure there will be difficulties for a child who is older. Her entire world will change. However, I believe that is something that just has to be gone through and worked out. Many of the most difficult experiences in life become the most rewarding. The first few weeks in any international adoption are challenging but the end result is such a blessing.

Sharon said...

Congratulations on your second daughter!


Anonymous said...

I bet it is temper. Congratulations. I have be lurking for a long time and enjoy reading your blog. Both of your daughters are very pretty.
Fran, grandmother to 2 beauties from china