Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zoo Girl

Is she starting to look like an 8 year old? Her birthday is next week! This outfit is a size 4 and the pants are a perfect fit, but the top is too small tore when I put it on her. No matter, she's been so eager to wear this, but, until now, the pants simply would not have stayed up at all. Please notice the matching purse. It's the purse and the sparkly top that made her love this outfit.

It's hard to tell, but she's balancing, or about to balance, on one foot, on a fake lilly pad in water. You cannot imagine how significant this is. It took months and months and months just to get her to be able to lift one foot off the ground for one second. Now look at her! What brought this on was when I showed her that I could do a spiral on ice skates, which is basically this same move, but on ice and gliding forward.

Jie Jie did end up getting meds at Kaiser tonight and starting a head cold today. Though I think I caught this infection much earlier than the last one, within two days it was obviously ramping up and starting to really knock her down and cause her pain, hence the susceptibility to the cold. When I see these pictures of her, it's hard to believe how severe her special need is.


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. I don't know what her special need is but I worry about her. Yes looking more like a lovey young lady. I don't know you or her except for this blog but I love her.


Carrie said...

Darling as always! I love the cute outfit! My son is pretty skinny and we use this product to tighten his pants up.

I'm sure with your sewing abilities, you can make them yourself. I like them better than belts because it just tightens up the pants without having to mess with a full belt. Downside is you have to have belt loops to use it. Good luck!