Monday, March 26, 2012

3 Catmigos

Left to right we have Nini, Rubi, and Sam. It's official, Rubicon is going to stay. She gets a family by default, so-to-speak. It's easier to keep her than to keep taking her to the adoption site every Saturday. Most importantly, she balances out the cats by giving Poppy and Henry a friend.

I haven't mentioned Henry much at all this last year but he lost a lost of weight right after I returned from China, he fell below 5 pounds. He had aspiration pneumonia again, but I didn't notice it quickly because I was taking care of my new daughter. However, he responded well to the antibiotics and then Christmas came and he suddenly came alive. With Rubi having fun under the Christmas tree, he couldn't resist and suddenly, he was playing like a real cat, gaining strength and muscle tone. By February, I realized how solid and heavy he felt and thought me might have reached 5.5 pounds. Well, I weighed him and he was over 6.5 pounds!!! It was great incentive to keep Rubi, but with more children on the way, I didn't need another mouth to feed and more litter to scoop.

A very nice family came to see Rubi. I would have been happy for them to take her, but they chose another cat. They could clearly see how bonded Rubi was to my other cats. She kept siding up to them when she was nervous and they'd lick her and comfort her.

So, Rubicon is one of the gang. She and Merlin are almost identical now, big balls of long black fluffy fur with four legs and a tail. She's a happy, playful kitten who talks and clearly loves all of us. I am partial to girl-cats and she's a very girly girl-cat, which I think is adorable. I just wish she was some other color so I'd not get her mixed up with Merlin. I now have three solid black cats, a black and white cat, two orange tabbies, one solid white, and a Sam tabby (can't figure out what color he is). A little more variety would have been nice!

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