Thursday, March 15, 2012

59 Months Logged In

Doing the dossier paperwork lately has been quite an adventure. Exactly five years ago, I was doing it for the first time. It was a magical time of introspection, dreaming, thinking about who my child was going to be. I'm still waiting for this child.

Meanwhile, due to waiting for so long, I've seen new adoption programs begin that have enabled me to be Jie Jie's mother, and soon, Sissy's mother.

Turns out that this VERY long wait was a blessing in my life.

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Chrissy said...

Oh My God, you're right. It is almost 5 years since our original LID. We were March 27, 2007. Can you imagine still waiting without Jie Jie being home & Sissy on her way. Apple is so lucky to be getting 2 big sisters when she finally gets home! When do you expect your confirmation letter for Sissy? Do they still do that step or call it something else now?