Monday, March 26, 2012

Care Package to Sissy

These are the items I have to send to Sissy in a care package. There is a family travelling to her SWI to adopt their son, the first week of May. Here is what's included:

Two wooden art projects
Rubber mosaic art project
2 mini coloring books
Colored pencils
Pencil sharpener
Candy to share
Hair clips
Hair pony elastics
Duncan YoYo
Photo album that I'll fill

I'll take most of these things out of their packaging so they will pack smaller and lighter.

Before then, I'll send a letter to her and the orphanage through Ann, explaining that the package is coming and ask that the family be allowed to see and photograph her, if possible. I'll also include a disposable camera and a journal for Sissy to write in during this time, if she will, and stationary with postage in case she wants to write to me.

1 comment:

Princess D said...

Very nice! I sure hope that they allow the family to meet your daughter and get new pics for you and Jie Jie to see :)