Friday, March 2, 2012

Champion MRI Taker

I found out yesterday that the Shriner's Hospital nearest to me doesn't do MRI scans. I went ahead made the appointment for one for Jie Jie today with Kaiser and we did it tonight. She cried when I told her. She readily admitted she was scared. We've been talking about it and also practiced being still and watched some videos for kids about it. It all paid off. Tonight she did the entire MRI without interruption, without medication of any kind, and didn't cry at all! I wish I'd brought the camera with me.

She was so proud of herself! I am very, very proud of her! This was a really big deal!

What we are looking for is a condition called tethered spinal cord. We'll know by Tuesday if Jie Jie's spinal cord is tethered or not. Please pray that it's not or she will need spinal surgery. It's highly likely that it is tethered, though.

Side note: I had a metal barrette in my hair and the MRI magnet was so strong that it pulled it up, opened the clasp and the thing went flying out of my hair, whizzed past my hand as I tried to catch it, and stuck to the MRI machine. Fortunately, no damage was done and we all had a good laugh.


Cristy said...

Gianna had a tethered cord repair when she was 18 months old. It was undiagnosed in China. Different Drs do it differently, but the hardest part for us was that she had to be on her tummy for 4 days and then on her back without sitting up for a week. For a busy toddler that was the hardest part. She did well and has a type that does not re-tether, so she is DONE! Hoping she doesn't have this, but if she does, I'd be happy to answer any questions.

Chrissy said...

Good Job Jie Jie!! Very happy it went well for both of you. You are in our prayers while waiting for the results.

Princess D said...

Praying for Jie Jie. I'm so glad that she did well with the MRI. Not sure I'd do as well as she did!
And the barrette--that's funny :)